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Domain Name Appraisal Certificate : $5290
Recognition: 93%
Marketability: 85%
Development Potential: 91%
Traffic and Revenue: None

Appraisal Model That We Used For The Appraisal Above

1. Dot. Value

The domain name market gives far greater valuations to Dot.comís than Dot.netís, Dot.orgís and any one of several other major extensions.

2. Comparison With Comparable Domains

Our professionally trained domain experts compare the domain names they appraise against our historical database of actual domain name sales. This means that we provide an appraisal that is far more comprehensive and accurate than completely automated appraisal products. The direct involvement of our trained professionals, in conjunction with automated and historical analysis, ensures that we provide most accurate and comprehensive appraisal product on the market.

3. Recognition

Plain English words, spelled correctly, including slang, make more sense to people. They are the most valuable. Names like have a second-class aura about them and are more difficult for people to read and recognize.

4. Marketability

The number of people on the Web (in the world) who are potential customers for the website that the name promotes is a significant component of domain name value. For instance, the domain name rates 10 points (assuming it doesn't violate a trademark), because virtually everyone loves cola.

5. Development Potential

A domain name that's relevant to what's being sold is more valuable, because it's self-explanatory. For instance, we suspect that if we see a website with the domain name, we will expect it to have something to do with books on various weight-loss schemes.

6. Length

Short and sweet is generally best.  Single, recognizable words are considered better than multiple words

7. Likely Buyer

Who is the owner most likely to sell the domain name to should the owner end his or her use of it? This makes a great difference in the value. For instance, a name suitable for a physician but not for a medical organization will most likely be sold to a small business (i.e., a doctors' practice). Doctors can't afford to spend millions on a domain name. On the other hand, a domain like might sell to a substantial corporation. There are plenty of large corporations associated with the auto industry that can afford to pay millions for a domain name.

8. Traffic and Revenue

Websites that are receiving traffic have better value than those without traffic. Websites with good revenue (over $5000 per month) are much more expensive.


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